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Web Accessibility

At Premier Direct our aim is to make our website as accessible as possible to
the widest range of visitors and customers. At the centre of everything we
do is the act of communication so communicating as effectively as possible
is paramount for us.

This means considering the specific needs of those with visual or physical
impairments, learning difficulties and other forms of disability. In addition
it means having an understanding of different browser technologies. Our site
has been produced to meet current best practices and guidelines.

The benefits of this approach:

  • The site is available to as wide an audience as possible and across a
    variety of technologies.
  • The site meet guidelines for those users who may have impairments and
    difficulties using the web.
  • The site loads quicker and use less bandwidth.

All web sites that are owned by UK businesses need to comply with the Disability
Discrimination Act – The DDA. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 – was
introduced with the intention of comprehensively tackling the discrimination
which many disabled people face. The part of the DDA that states web sites
must be made accessible came into force on 1 October 1999 and the Code of
Practice for this section of the Act was published on 27 May 2002.