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A care home laundry is always busy and is required 7 days a week, 365 days a year, reliability and immediate service response is paramount for the smooth running of your business. At Premier Direct we have a tailor made service package that responds to this need, we supply the most reliable equipment available with fast efficient service.


Infection control

All care homes are governed by the Care Quality Commission and the laundry equipment we provide meets all current legislation. Our washing machines are fitted with an air gap and are WRAS approved to meet current water regulations. They also have sluice and thermal disinfection programmes that conform to HSG (95).

Infection control is most important in the laundry room, having a machine that is capable of killing bacteria in the wash cycle is one thing, we also provide training to make sure these programmes are being used at the correct time. As part of our ongoing support we will train staff after the installation but return to provide further advice if required. As part of our service offer our engineers will test and certificate your equipment so you know that they are still reaching and maintaining the correct temperatures to kill bacterial infection.