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Hotels and RestaurantsThe laundry requirement for a hotel is always diverse; it is fair to say that no 2 hotels have exactly the same laundry need. For this reason Premier Direct take a consultative approach to make sure you get the very best advice, whether you are installing a new laundry, a towel laundry or just looking for a replacement machine.

Towel laundry

Many hotels suffer the same problems with sending out their linen, poor wash quality, pooled linen that arrives torn and the high charges for the service. A solution if you don't have the space for a full operation is a towel laundry.

We can demonstrate how, after taking all your costs into account, the cost of laundering your towels can be reduced to as little as 12p, and bed sheets 18p, a great saving and you have complete control too!

We provide a professional consultation, calculating the equipment sizes you require to meet your needs and the service or rental package that best suits your business. A full, in depth report is then submitted to you showing all costs and labour requirement so you can make an informed decision.

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