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IC44832 FFS (Ø479 mm, 3170 mm)

Electrolux Professional
IC44832 FFS (Ø479 mm, 3170 mm)


  • One-person operation from feeding wet items to piles of folded sheets. The optimum in ironing
  • 4815mm x 1820mm overall dimensions (IC44832FFS). The most compact of its kind on the market
  • One station automatic feeding with electromechanical clamps and standard vacuum table for a smooth and efficient quality feeding
  • Standard touch screen control with text free operating mode for optimum user friendliness
  • Versatile stacker for delivery of linen stacks to the front or the rear of the machine


Standard multi-layer thermal oil DubixiumTM

Standard multi-layer thermal oil DubixiumTM cylinder guarantees zero overheating of cylinder sides on electric and gas heated versions. This allows up to 20% increase in production compared to traditional cylinders.

Standard automatic ironing speed control system DIAMMSTM

Standard automatic ironing speed control system DIAMMSTM allows optimum productivity by any operator. This unique feature guarantees you with a perfectly dry linen regardless of operators skill

  • Maintenance free ceramic gas burner increases reliability whilst minimizing production disruption and gas consumption (up to 20%). Unique and patented feature
  • Standard stand-by and sleeping modes for optimum energy savings
  • Spring loaded pressure roll ensuring outstanding ironing quality
  • Durable ironing belts of Nomex®
    withstand temperatures above 200°C
  • Finger guard protection provides optimum safety for operators


  • Electronic control panel with automatic speed regulation system (DIAMMS) compatible with the RABC process for the traceability of ironing parameters; flashing light showing to the operator that an item is not processed according to the standard
  • CMIS connection for an automatic recording of the ironing parameters
  • Nickel-plated cylinder for better production on cotton items
  • Manual folding arm for easy folding of large flat items by only one operator
  • Payment system version with a clutch to control the feeding belts, for installation in apartment house laundries or self service laundries


Rolls diameter, mm: 479
Ironing width, mm: 3170
Dimensions (widthxdepthxheight mm): 4815x1820x1590
Speed range, m/min: 1.5 – 11

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