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WPB4700H (70 kg)

Electrolux Professional
WPB4700H (70 kg)


  • Two compartment inner drum separated by a Pullman partition for the best ergonomics and mechanical action of the market
  • Automatic inner drum positioning in loading or unloading position
  • Automatic locking and unlocking of outer drum doors
  • Largest doors of the market
  • Unloading by gravity, the easiest and fastest of the market


  • End of cycle visual alarm on both sides of the machine
  • Intuitive programming control panel
  • 8 colour industrial touch screen
  • Smart card reader & writer
  • Electrolux Professional
    unfolding menus
  • Choice of 14 languages
  • Pneumatic suspensions for minimum vibrations
  • Frequency control motor and Poly V belt for precise, consistent and silent rotation speeds
  • 5 compartment soap box for manual supply or connection to automatic liquid system


  • Electrolux Professional
    Integrated Weighing System for better ergonomics and productivity
  • Integrated pH meter for a better performing traceability
  • Automatic opening of inner drum doors at the end of the washing cycle
  • Bath sampling tap
  • Stainless steel cover panels
  • Clean room application
  • Opening of loading outer door at 180° for semi automatic loading
  • Third water inlet
  • Second drain valve for water recycling


Drum volume in liters: 690
Drum diameter in mm: 1050
Max. capacity: 70/154
Extraction Rpm/G-force: 710/300
Dimensions (widthxdepthxheight mm): 1496x1363x2040
Electric heating, kW: 54
Steam heating: Available

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