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IC43316 FFS

Electrolux Professional
IC44819 FFS Cylinder type ironer, 1910 mm working width with feeding, folding and stacking


  • Finger guard protection provides additional safety for operators
  • Fully electric feeder requiring no compressed air while guaranteeing regular, silent and smooth work
  • Electro-mechanical clamps, automatic linen detection, smooth closing and holding of the linen, smooth opening and feeding of item (compensation of the elasticity of the fibres)
  • Easy access to all parts for easy maintenance
  • Spring loaded pressure roll ensuring outstanding ironing quality


Electrolux Professional
IC44819 FFS

  • One-person operation from feeding wet items to piles of folded sheets – The optimum in ironing
  • Standard automatic ironing speed control system DIAMMSTM allows optimum productivity by any operator. This unique feature guarantees you with a perfectly dry linen regardless of operators skill
  • Durable ironing belts in Nomex® withstanding temperatures above 200 ˚C for optimum quality and safety
  • Foldable feeding tray so that large flats avoid touching the ground
  • Versatile stacker for delivery of linen stacks to the front or the rear of the machine


Width: 3555 mm
Depth: 1820 mm
Weight, net kg 1580
Height: 1590 mm

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